2005 Ontario Young Worker Health & Safety Initiatives/Programs Inventory.

This inventory has been collected to help those involved in health and safety for new and young workers reference existing projects, programs and resources. The list is limited to resources specifically designed or intended to educate or raise awareness among young workers; persons in the workplace that hire or supervise young workers; parents, guardians and families of young workers; educators from elementary to post-secondary; or community leaders who have a leadership role with youth

The Young Worker Health & Safety Intiatives/Programs Inventory can requires the use of Acrobat Reader to view.

The following are useful links that can help you learn of the dangers of heat exposure and how to protect yourself:

A research study was completed by Dr. Tom McLellan pertaining to "The Management of Heat Stress for the Firefighter".

**This study is posted for reference purposes only and not meant to infringe on any possible copyright rules.

In addition, you may want to refer to the following published studies by Dr. T. McLellan.

  • G.A. Selkirk and T.M. McLellan (2004). Active versus passive cooling during work in warm environments while wearing firefighting protective clothing. (accepted for publication, J. Occup.Environ. Hyg.)
  • G.A. Selkirk and T.M. McLellan (2004. Physical Work Limites for Toronto Firefighters in Warm Environments. J. Occup. Environ. Hygiene 1: 199-212.
  • T.M. McLellan and G.A. Selkirk (2004). Heat stress while wearing pants or shorts under firefighting proctective clothin. Ergonomics 47: 75-90

2003 Health and Safety of working students report from the pilot study.

  • This report was sponsored by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Research Advisory Council "Solutions for Workplace Change" program; Ryerson University Faculty of Community Services and Faculty of Business SRC programs, and the Ontario Work - Study Program.
  • Can be viewed in Power Point format and/or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

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