Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP)

By joining SCIP, firms are eligible to receive a fixed 5% rebate upon completion of the following:

  • The Safe Workplace Awareness Program (SWAP), a 12
  • hour training course which covers: leadership, internal responsibility system, hazard identification, control methods, and return-to-work;
  • A self-evaluation of the workplace's health & safety management systems;
  • A workplace Health and Safety policy, which must be reviewed by the WSIB; and
  • The development of the health and safety roles and responsibilities of employers and employees, which also must be reviewed by the WSIB.

Aside from insurance rebates, there are many other benefits to be realized by participating in SCIP and creating a safer workplace:

  • Self-reliance in managing WSIB claims and return to work
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced need for replacement workers
  • Reduced lost time
  • Increased financial competitiveness
  • Reduced equipment damage.

You are eligible for SCIP if you:

  • Are in one of the participating communities registered with the Safe Communities Foundation;
  • Pay $90,000 or less in WSIB premiums;
  • Are registered with WSIB as a Schedule 1 employer;
    (Note: While Schedule 2 employers cannot take advantage of SCIP's premium refunds, they can join SCIP to share in other program benefits.); and
  • Have not previously participated in SCIP.

Firms can participate in the program for a maximum of two years.

Download a SCIP brochure.

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